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Moonlight Organic Farm LLC - USA
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Why Organic ?

There is a growing concern among Doctors and the medical community over evidence that antibiotics used in animals are causing antibiotics to be less effective in humans to fight diseases. Many of the antibiotics used in animals are also used to treat infections in humans. People are at greater risk of getting infections that are resistant to treatment with antibiotics. More alarming is the evidence that pesticides, hormones and other chemicals used in the food chains contribute to serious health problems such as birth defects, cancer and other diseases. Buying organic is the best way to have healthy food and support for the environment. None organic systems contribute to the pollution of our air, soil and water.

Source: Washington Post, New York Times,
USA Medical Journal, etc...

Halal Organic Meat

Our livestock are raised in local farms dedicated to organic and sustainable natural farming.

They are certified organic by a local accredited organization.

We provide Organic Grass Fed Beef, Lamb, Goat.

Our meat is certified organic Halal.
Inspected by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.
Cut and packaged to your specifications.
Wholesale carcasses available.

USDA Organic

Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to helping the consumer live a healthy life style by providing healthy organic and grass fed meat free of antibiotics, free of growth hormones, free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and rich and high in Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, and Vitamin E.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best company in the Twin Cities in the eyes of our customers and communities in organic meat and organic foods. To keep our values high among our consumers, we provide the best we can offer in high quality organic meat and organic milk. We also provide organic halal meat to our community at affordable prices.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be the world leader in organic meat and organic foods.

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Investors Relations

Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Minnesota Crop Improvement Association

University of Minnesota - Extension

Minnesota Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (MISA)

Minnesota Farmers Markets Association (MFMA)

Minnesota Grown

Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSE)


Moonlight Organic Farm LLC - USA, P.O. Box 331, Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317, USA
(952) 401-9465