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Our Values:

We value good health. It is a precious commodity. We value our relationship with our land, people, family, friends and our community.
We help make a positive contribution to organic farming.
We respect and value nature and we provide a safe and affordable organic food system to our communities at affordable price.

Why organic?

Organic system protects nature, life and the environment. We strive to be good farmers, maintain and enhance the quality of the soil, the water and the air quality through strict organic farming practices.
Our philosophy is to have a positive impact on the future generations by promoting organic farming.

Animals should freely enjoy life on natural lands free of chemicals and hazardous materials toxic to humanity and to life itself.

Our goals in the daily farming are:

1 ) - Networking with other farmers to promote organic farming.
2 ) - Taking pride in the products we produce.
3 ) - Promoting locally grown products.
4 ) - Maintain a consistent, organized and safe supply of organic food to our customers .
5 ) - Our farm is open to schools, organizations and advocates for organic farming and healthy environment. Organic is Life.